Standing along the waterfront of Weehawken, NJ, Hamilton Cove Apartments is a luxury rental property perfectly positioned for residents to experience signature living. The resort-inspired property is complete with state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor amenities that give everyone an enjoyable stay. What serves as the cherry on top is the light and open environment design that allows for stunning views of the New York City skyline at all times. 

Hamilton Cove Apartments’ skillful and aesthetically pleasing architecture is designed to fully immerse residents in a luxurious environment. One approach the designers took to enrich this atmosphere is to ensure visual connectivity between indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the project.

Here, the specialized fire-rated doors supplied by Titan Metal Products play a crucial role: the project exudes both form and function, which it does by maintaining visual connectivity from the indoor to the outdoor amenities while protecting residents in case of fires.  

Fire-rated doors are an essential piece to a safe living environment, as this type of door assembly gives residents and staff more time to react if flames break out. These doors keep the spread of fire and smoke at bay to prevent other compartments and structures within a property from incurring damage, as well as provide a safe means of egress.  By utilizing this safety measure, potential injuries and damage can be mitigated since emergency responders have enough time to control the situation.

The Hamilton Cove Apartments makes use of products that are listed and labeled by Intertek, a nationally recognized third party testing laboratory, to ensure that the materials are compliant with fire safety regulations.

As you’ll see in the following sections, using Titan Metal products has helped the team at Hamilton Cove Apartments to convey a feeling of elegance and vision in the property’s amenity areas without compromising the level of fire protection. In total, Titan Metal Products supplied the Hamilton Cove Apartments with seventeen pairs of  full vision Titan Builders Series 20-45 Minute Fire Protective doors and three full vision Titan Builders Series 20-45 Minute Fire Protective single doors at key locations.  These doors also incorporate key-card entry to ensure secure access for resident or staff-only locations.  Here are some examples.


The lobby signifies one of the most important rooms of any residential property and for good reason. In general, this room is the first to welcome tenants and guests upon their arrival or visit. With the idea of first impressions in mind, starting on a positive note is beneficial for the growth of a residential estate. Maintaining proper safety measures, adhering to the minimum building codes, and keeping the design pleasing to the eye—all these need to be in place. 

By using full vision fire-rated doors, current and potential tenants alike feel a greater sense of security within the establishment. The particular model used for the lobby of the Hamilton Cove Apartments is a Builders Series 20-45 Minute Fire Protective Pair Door. Thanks to its given properties, the material allows safe egress in case a fire breaks out in the room. The door assembly is paired with the SAFTI FIRST’s SuperLite® I-20 fire-rated glass,  which has been tested to NFPA 252/257 or UL 9/UL 10C.

These fire doors are full vision, styled to allow natural light to enter the lobby and create a strong feeling of openness that shines across the room.This vision of providing an aesthetically pleasing space where tenants and guests can gather improves their overall experience at the property. At the same time, the approach works in enhancing the facility’s safety measures and better managing worst-case scenarios. 

Game room

A place to relax and let loose now and then, a game room can easily become one of the most frequented facilities that people use to relieve stress. With the additional use of fire protective doors, these rooms become a safe space for them to enjoy their favorite activities without needing to worry about their safety. 

In this area, the team used SAFTI FIRST’s SuperLite® I-20, an economical protective glazing designed to compartmentalize flames and smoke, in the Titan Builders Series Fire Protective 20 minute door. This product can be used for a variety of openings and doors and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications depending on the demands of your project.

Resident lounge

The residential lounge is the area that serves as the living room of the Hamilton Cove Apartments. Here, many of the tenants spend their time catching up on work, relaxing, and socializing. Much like the property lobby, providing a safe and open space for residents is a priority for the team. The goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere through and through.

As such, the Titan Builders Series 20-45 Minute Fire Protective Pair Door with SuperLite® I-20 by SAFTI FIRST was utilized to direct a great amount of natural sunlight into the room while tastefully adding more style to the process. For even more vision and transparency, the door assembly also includes 45 minute sidelites featuring SuperClear® 45-HS (patented) in GPX® Architectural Series Framing, both by SAFTI FIRST. SuperClear® 45-HS is a revolutionary product  proudly manufactured in the US.  It is a truly clear solution that does not have any wires or amber tints. It meets the CPSC Cat. II impact safety without needing any films or laminates. Best of all, it costs less than filmed or laminated ceramics used in the same 45 minute applications. 


While often overlooked in many different establishments, corridors have an essential function in any property’s integrity. These facilities grant tenants and guests access to different areas within the building; unfortunately, they typically don’t receive attention design- or security-wise.

If the doors at the end of the corridors do not grant full vision, the area can feel and look dreary and unwelcoming. Moreover, corridors should serve as a safe path for egress during a fire, making fire-rated doors at the end a must.

Taking all these points into consideration, the Hamilton Cove Apartments makes use of the Titan Builders Series 20 Minute Fire Protective Pair Door glazed with SuperLite® I-20 to provide visual connections between the different buildings. 

The door measures at a rare height of 10 feet, which is unique to Titan Metal Products.  With most fire rated, full vision doors measuring up to 8 feet only, these 10 foot tall doors from Titan Metals Products eliminates the need for an additional transom.  

Indeed, fire-rated doors with full vision glass are one of the many advantages that Titan Metal products offer to its clients. Apart from that, the company’s general hardware options are also flexible, allowing you to create a project according to your exact needs. 

For the Hamilton Cove Apartment project, security features on door assemblies and custom hardware guarantee an access-only entry to the property’s unique features and amenities. 

Form and Function Equal Safety and Security

From the get-go, Hamilton Cove Apartment was envisioned to showcase wide-open facilities and aesthetically pleasing architecture—not to mention giving residents access to premier destinations around the New York City and New Jersey areas. At the same time, the daily view of the NYC skyline gives dwellers an experience unlike any other.

Thanks to quality door manufacturers such as Titan Metal Products, the property takes form and function to greater heights with an additional level of safety through their fire-rated doors. Not only do these serve as an aesthetic tool to complete the look of several amenities, but it also acts as a guarantee for a safe and secure way of life. 
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