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The walls, security windows, fences, bars and grilles, and doors of your establishment are your first line of defense against perpetrators and other damaging elements, such as fire. Instead of traditional doors made with wood or other light materials that can catch fire easily, fire doors are equipped with fire-resistant safety features that can spell the difference between life and death.

If you own an establishment, a manufacturing factory, or any type of property, physical protection like fire-rated doors can block or slow down the spread of fire. These doors can prevent the spread of flames for a period, allowing ample time for emergency services to put out the fire, evacuate people, and save what remains of your property.

Fire-resistant doors save lives, and they’re better than traditional doors in case of fire. Keep scrolling to learn more about fire-rated doors and their benefits.

What fire-rated doors are, and how they work

Fire-rated doors are a part of the Passive Fire Protection (PFP) systems that compartmentalize a structure to restrict the growth and escalation of fire in other areas of a building or establishment. These specialized doors are built to withstand fire to manage risk and minimize property damage. They also help contain deadly smoke in one place.

The materials used to make these types of doors are usually heavy materials like metal and gypsum. To ensure their quality and resistance, fire-rated doors undergo rigorous testing for endurance, temperature rise, and overall resistance threshold. To be considered fire-rated, the doors shouldn’t burst into flames within a specific time.

Fire resistance ratings

Fire-rated doors are rated after undergoing tests that examine all of their components, including frames, gaskets, hinges, panels, and protection plates. Once they are tested, following the industry standards, the doors earn their label detailing how long they are expected to contain a fire.  Typical tests for fire-rated doors include NFPA 252 and UL 10C.  If the fire-rated door is installed in applications 60 minutes and above, it must also be tested for temperature rise. 

The ratings can be classified in time-based ratings or letter-rating (for old doors). For letter-based ratings, there are Class A to C, where Class A offers the highest fire-resistance degree and C the lowest. Meanwhile, 20-, 45-, 60-, 90-, and 180-minute labels for time-based ratings dictate how the material can perform and last when exposed to fire.

Benefits of fire-rated doors

  • They safeguard your assets

When you have fire-rated doors installed, you are assured of protection and peace of mind knowing that in case of fire, the damage will not be as extensive had you not been prepared.

In addition, a fire-rated door can mean the difference between rebuilding from the ground up or a small area of your property. This allows businesses to reduce the potential damage to their property in the event of a fire and pick themselves up more quickly after.

  • They protect people from harm

Since fire-rated doors bar flames and are designed to contain fire and smoke, they give people enough time to escape the building and move to a safer place.

Besides fire, this kind of door can hold in smoke and toxic fumes that can cause more dangerous combustions, especially for buildings housing hazardous materials, and significantly harm people and destroy properties. This physical feature lowers the risk of injuries and fatalities.

  • They sound-proof areas

Fire doors are naturally heavy and thick. Since they have insulating features, they provide an additional benefit of soundproofing.  If there are areas in your building where the equipment inside generates noise, fire doors can dampen and prevent the sound from transferring from one room to another. 

  • They provide physical security

The materials of fire-rated doors are highly robust and extremely hard to break into. So, these specialized doors not only protect properties from flames but also other potential threats, such as burglars.

Aesthetics-wise, people have the impression that fire doors look heavy and bulky. On the contrary, modern fire-rated doors come in various styles and finishes that are pleasing to the eyes. Multiple finish options, narrow profiles and door heights up to 10 feet provide a high-quality look without sacrificing resistance features. This is especially the case with fire-rated doors that incorporate listed and approved fire-rated glazing rated from 20 minutes to 3 hours. For temperature rise doors rated 60 and 90 minutes, fire resistive glazing that meets ASTM E-119/UL 263 can be used to create a full-vision door that exceeds that 100 sq. in. door vision panel limitation imposed on fire protective glazing when used in these higher ratings.

Tame the roaring flames with fire-rated doors

Fire accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. You’ll never know when it happens or where it starts. It’s imperative for businesses to install specialized fire-rated doors not only to get the best line of physical defense in case of fires but also to facilitate an efficient evacuation plan for the people on the property and minimize physical and financial damage.

The fact that they can help save lives makes them an essential investment to enhance the security and safety of your property.

Are you looking to improve the physical security of your property for fire prevention and risk management? Titan Metal Products offers a comprehensive line of safety door solutions with custom fabrication. Get a quote and talk to our experts to determine which type of fire-rated doors match your business.