The door industry is a lot bigger than you would expect. Several commercial door manufacturers are ready to cater to your business, making it quite a challenge to find the right supplier.

Much like scouting for other essentials for your company, it’s crucial that you engage with the perfect partner for your commercial door needs. After all, doors are the first thing your customers or visitors will see from your business, so you want to secure a good first impression. Plus, their and your employees’ safety is something you should consider.

Asking the right questions to a supplier is an excellent first step to finding the right partner capable of providing your company’s wants and needs. Here are some questions that you can raise with your candidate vendor before signing a contract:

1. How long have you been operating?

As you research door manufacturers, you first want to ensure they’re backed by years of extensive experience. Ask them how long they’ve been in the door manufacturing business. Has it been months, years, or perhaps a decade or more? Those in the industry for a while now may have already defied many obstacles and competition.

If you’re into tried-and-tested commercial doors, look for a company that has set the standard in the industry for producing quality products. Otherwise, you may opt for the route of a pioneer and go for a new business that offers promising designs and hands-on services that fit your needs.

2. Can I have references for your past completed projects?

Just like hiring employees to add to your crew, make sure you ask your prospect door supplier for references to review their performance in previous projects. Review their website for project galleries or case studies.  See if they have articles as well.  Reach out to their sales team for more information.  

If they don’t have these resources available on their website, request a list of completed projects and clients who are willing to vouch for their products and services. A manufacturer with a good track record of customer satisfaction should be able to get this easily.

3. Can you complete my project?

Commercial doors can be complex, and you may have specific requirements for your business, especially regarding security, design, and more. With this, you first have to confirm if the supplier can handle the scope of your project, including your timeline.

Ask if they can run your request to be delivered on a certain date. Next, verify if the company can provide the desired look and functionalities to your commercial door. Otherwise, keep your options open to make the most bang for your buck.

4. How long will it take to install the door?

For any business, time is of the essence. That is why before you shake on it, ask the manufacturer what their estimated lead times are.

The approximate duration of the project will give you an idea of how efficient and effective the supplier’s workforce and production are. Plus, it will help your company prepare before, during, and after the product arrives on your premises.

5. How much will my order cost?

If possible, request a detailed estimate before you commit to a partnership with a door manufacturer. Check if the total price meets your budget and specifications in terms of type, quality, and deadline.

6. What are the payment terms and conditions your business provides?

When the pricing sounds good, follow up by inquiring about the vendor’s payment terms and conditions. Do they have payment terms, or are they strictly for full payments only? Is there a set interest if dues are paid monthly, and if so, how much? Is the quoted price negotiable or fixed?

Don’t sign a contract without reviewing the details first. Go over the sections thoroughly and check for any specifics not included in the paper. Always have your agreements in writing to ensure easy communication in the future should an issue arise.

7. Do you provide any warranties?

Warranties are the guarantee that manufacturers make regarding the condition of their products. Under warranty, fixes or exchanges are allowed if the purchase doesn’t appear or function as originally marketed.

Quality commercial doors are an investment for your business, so make sure to ask the supplier if they offer warranties for their products. If they have round-the-clock representatives who can service for repairs, then all the better!

8. Do you provide customer service?

Apart from making sure that they issue warranties, verify if the manufacturer can answer customer service questions as well. A door company that can provide this is sure to be reliable, as they can offer both quality operations and peace of mind to their customers.

Opening the Door for the Right Vendor

There are factors to consider when selecting the right door for your commercial space, and choosing a supplier is just one of them. With today’s vast market, filtering your options down to the best in the industry is key to finding the perfect pick for your business. To do that, it’s vital to ask the right questions.

If you have any inquiries about commercial doors, you can reach out to a top-notch door manufacturer specializing in standard and custom metal doors and frames since 1977. Contact Titan Metal Products and get a quote today!